Thursday, May 21, 2009

I like talking about myself. Or typing, rather.

Danette posted an interview meme (it doesn't really feel like a meme though - too tailor made for each individual) in which she was interviewed, and invited others to be interviewed in turn by her. I raised my hand (and pumped it furiously in the air), because I love being interviewed. At King's a bunch of the girls on my floor are in the journalism program, and I was occasionally interviewed (with tape recorders, even), and it was so fun. I wish job interviews were more like this:

1. If the last thing you ate was turned into a short film, what would it look like?
It would be from the perspective of the camera centred in the middle of the table and it would continuously rotate, showing a 360 degree viewing of alternate bites of caprese sandwich, sips of latte, and laughs, all out in the sunshine.
2. What was your favourite Halloween costume as a child? As an adult?
My favourite costume as a kid was when I was about 11 and went as a hanged person, and wandered all over the place holding on to this giant wooden thing that held a noose I made - I was sort of afraid I was going to trip and it was actually going to hang me. But it didn't. From an adult perspective my favourite childhood costume was when I was say, four? And had to wear a patch on one eye sometimes. So I went as a pirate. My favourite adult costume? Annie Hall, for sure. Because I had no idea what I was going to be until 7 pm that night, at which point I tracked down pants, a shirt, a vest, and a tie. No one knew who I was, but the costume made me so happy.
3. If you won the lottery where you get $1000 every week for the rest of your life, how would your life change?
I would probably keep working, doing the same things I'm doing, and invest/save at least half of the money every week. The rest would be saved for short term things like vacations and whatnot - and I would be happy to know that if ever I were in a job or situation I wasn't fond of - I could let go of it without stressing TOO much about money.
4. Have you ever written (sent or unsent) or received a love letter?
No. I've written and received a few like letters. And some heartbroken ones. I've only written those ones.
5. What do you want right now, more than anything else?
To be floating. Probably in beautiful water, but on air would be interesting too.
Yay for interviews! Thanks Danette! Now - do you want to be interviewed? Yes? Yes you do? (I love asking questions, too - I am a ridiculously curious person.) Well, tell me so in the comments - leave me your email address; I will email you five questions that I have invented for you (you); you answer on your blog - linking back to my blog (if you want... I guess you don't have to); you then post the rules and offer to interview other people (and on and on); you interview them.

Et voila.

I want to interview people. Let me interview you.


Saf said...


carmen said...

Interview moi!

P.S. The Annie Hall costume is a rad idea. Once I went as Marla from Fight Club and not many people knew who I was, but I, too, didn't mind.

Saf said...

Why did you have to wear a patch over one eye sometimes?

mennogirl said...

I have done this meme several times now, but it doesn't get old (different people = different questions)! So yes, interview me!

lara said...

I knew who you were at Halloween when you were Annie Hall. And I haven't seen the movie. (Shocking! Let's remedy that in September!)

You can interview me if you want. Your answers are fabulous. said...

i'm game. you know how to reach me..

ange ella said...

Saf: Done.

Carmen: Done.

Saf: Because I had a lazy eye. It was cute. And sucked. Because patches are itchy.

Mennogirl: Done.

Lara: Done. Done.


Danette said...

The image of you at 11 carrying around your noose is so coming-of-age-movie material.

What a beautiful description of your meal! I love that there was sunlight and laughter on the menu.

Wonderful to get to know you better.

Sarah, the Creep said...

Yeah, okay, you can interview me.


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