Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sex Expert

One of the jobs I would choose if I could be anything ever (alongside indie "it girl" actress, indie "it girl" songstress - then older but still super cool actress/songstress - graphic designer, novelist, teen librarian) would be sex expert. I think it would be such a fascinating job, especially because so many people are so hung up about all things sex. Not to say that I don't have the awkward laugh when certain subjects come up in certain company, but I think of myself as fairly open, and would love to be one of the people bringing that openness to the world at large. Watching this clip about "sexting" the other day, I was appalled at the way the young women on the show were being villainized, and the way sex was being portrayed as "nasty." I think we (the media, schools, parents, friends) are doing a crummy job of educating ourselves and one another about sex and sexuality.

Luckily for all of us there are amazing people on the job, including Heather Corrina, the driving force behind Browsing the site today I came across an excellent article, 10 of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Sexual Self (at Any Age). Highly recommended.


alexandra said...

Sue Johannsen? is that her name? she was the best. Does she still do that radio show? Although I am generally reserved about such things in public, I blame my overall knowledge and comfort with sexuality on her. You are right! I think you should be a teen sex/erotica librarian! yes.

ange ella said...

I love Sue Johannsen. She was doing a TV show for a while, but I think it ended. She came to do a talk at Dal, but I missed it. And was sad.

alexandra said...

I saw Sue my first year at Queens! I love the idea of a campus tour. hah.


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