Monday, March 30, 2009

Perfect jobs

We went around the table at dinner tonight deciding for one another what we saw as the perfect job. I was told that I should be a magazine editor (or else just a regular editor), and The Devil Wears Prada came up. "Yes," said Tiffany. "That character was made for you."

I looked at her askance. "Really."

"No, just like, you, are very firm in your opinions, and..." (This dialog is not exact, but is basically what she was saying.)

It's true. I am very precise in what I like and what I don't, and when something is right and when it is wrong.

Then I started fantasizing about having an assistant who I could send out to pick up whatever food I was craving. That would be great.

I don't think I'm very much like Miranda Priestley (or Anna Wintour), but I sure do like to decide things.


alexandra said...

Its true - you are not cold like them.

But yes - decisive. This is why we are friends (I think, because I am not as decisive). And why shopping with you is so horribly frustrating sometimes, but ultimately the best way to go.

Saf said...

Yes, I like how you always know what you want. It is always interesting to hear your opinion because they are always so firm and you always have one. That was always too many times in one sentence. But you know.

Also, you are the best editor ever.

But you should also host a food travel show. And write so many books. Could, not should. You would be good at so many things.

Mike said... that what they call having 5+ dream jobs?


ange ella said...

No, but that's what they call knowing exactly what you want for dinner every day and what colour your bedroom should be.


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