Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the Right One In

I didn't know what to write about this film after I watched it yesterday afternoon, but I was still thinking about it this morning, so I decided I had to write something.

"Best vampire movie. Ever," says the box. Now, ask any of my horror-freak friends if I like horror movies. Nope (except for a very few works of art, a la Suspiria). They scare me, and instead of going with that and being swept into the moment, my reaction is to completely take myself out of the experience. "It's a movie. It's just a movie," I repeat to myself. I don't enjoy myself at all. That said, Let the Right One in was a completely different kind of film. First of all, the word film is apt. The DVD menu had "play movie/film" as its prompt ("I'd rather watch a motion picture," I stated), and this is definitely more than a movie, if I'm going to be film snobby about it. Cinematic glory might be a better term.

Two lonely 12 year olds (one of whom has been 12 for a very long time) meet and fall in love. It is winter in Sweden - white and black. And then comes red. White:red. Snow:blood. Purity:murder. This film is beautiful, shocking, lovely, sweet, savage. Amazing.

10 stars.


Saf said...

I wish that everything I had to read was written the way that you write.

ange ella said...

Saf - that is possibly the best compliment I have ever been given. Thank you.


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