Sunday, March 15, 2009

I go out walking (way before midnight)

Today is such a glorious day that I had to abandon homework in favour of a long walk. It was so beautiful, and warm, and even though the trees are still bare I feel spring. Heck, I almost feel summer.

Two pictures from the walk:


malaraky said...

I succumbed to the same impulse - upon my return from a 4 hour meeting this afternoon. luckily it was still lovely down by the water at 5:30 pm. I am so excited for nicer weather!

alexandranator said...

i love these pictures!

on the other hand, they are very enigmatic. It makes me want to see more pictures of where you are and what you are doing. And you are really that close to the water?

Saf said...

I really like both of these pictures a lot.

Jim Friesen said...

YAY, PICTURES. I love them.

ange ella said...

thanks people.

Alexandranator: I am that close to the water - but it doesn't feel like it. The water is hidden from my view by a hill and buildings. It is sad. So you have to go right up to it to feel it there.

Well, maybe it exerts its stabilizing influence in ways I don't notice. Yes.

Saf said...

I tried to figure out where this building is. But I couldn't.

ange ella said...

Saf - it is way down Barrington, near where the ferry is if you were to go down to the water.


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