Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The only reason I am writing now is that I haven't in a while, and I am trying to write a paper. I am writing said paper, slowly but surely. It is 5000 words... which feels long. Especially in the days of twitter. I am treating it like a whole bunch of mini-essays. I have started a word document for each section of my paper and aim to write at least 384 words in each (I have 13 sections as it stands right now).

It sounds like not very much, but even that is a stretch sometimes.

I am writing about Teen access to sexual health information in libraries. At least I'm interested in my topic.

Alright - back to paper writing.


Fritzi von Headrick said...

yo, i posted my thingy for that blog award/chain. also, your paper sounds very interesting. good luck.

and, i miss you.

Ella said...

Good. I miss you too.


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