Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rachel Getting Married

I loved it. I loved the documentary feel throughout, the fact that all music was diagetic, the fact that the camera rested on moments that twinged in me.

Rachel is getting married. Her sister, Kym, fresh out of rehab, is making amends. Kym is the kind of person who sucks everyone into her vortex of drama, and who needs attention at all times.

It is my favourite kind of film - depressing and hopeful at the same time.

5/5 stars.


Margo Lane said...

Loved it! I cried through the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like my sort of movie :) Must check and see when it is coming out in Australia. Seen other movies of late?

Danette said...

This movie is totally on my list.

By the way, I've nominated you Ella for the Kreativ Blogger award.


Hope you'll play.

ana said...

Depressing and hopeful at the same time.. I have to watch it.
Hope you are doing ok there - is it snowing?


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