Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lady Gaga Hair (and others)

Okay, I don't really want to admit how much time I spent playing with this makeover site this morning (and afternoon, ahem). It's way too addictive and time consuming, but you get to try things like Lady Gaga hair. And Rihanna hair. Um, awesome? Yes. 

The highlights (so to speak): 

Zooey Deschanel.

Random long hair... not sure who. 

Gretchen Moll.

Parker Posey.

Jackie Warner.

 Jenna Malone.

So basically this shows me (in my opinion) that I look infinitely cuter with short hair. The long hair all made me look... blah (I know, I have a fantastic vocabulary. Thanks.). The shorter hair makes me look... more alive? I'm not sure what it is - probably the fact that it brings the focus to my eyes. Anyways, I think the reign of long hair is about to end. I'm still hanging onto it a little, though. Why?


Lara said...

Eee! it's so funny to see your face with all the different hair styles. I think I am coming around to the change you're proposing though - some of the short styles are very cute. I like the last one. But it's quite short.

abecedaria said...

Gretchen Moll! Curl!

abecedaria said...

Um. It's Kirsta. That might not be clear.

Ange said...

Lara: Isn't it funny? I like the last one, too, but not quite perfectly.

abecedaria/Kirsta: hi! And yes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my vote is tied between Parker Posey and Gretchen Moll. So cute!
I may have to try this makeover site over the weekend.

Ange said...

mennogirl: Do it! It's so fun.


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