Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I know where I'm going!


It's "reading week" here at Dalhousie, and I have been reading. I've also been watching. Last night I made myself one of my favourite pastas (minus the cheese and butter & plus a couple of soft fried eggs on top) and sat down to watch one that I picked up at the library on a whim, I Know Where I'm Going! (1945). I loved it, but it served to remind me that I really really really want to have a screening room some day. A big screen and wonderful sound and me in the dark with everything that could possibly distract me taken away. For some reason I had a really hard time concentrating, and I hate the fact that I paused the movie twice to check things online. Ugh, me. Because this movie was so beautifully shot, in ultra-gorgeous black and white, and I wish I had been able to just shut the rest of my brain off and enjoy, to be completely immersed in it.

It was great. Joan Webster has known exactly where she is going since she was a tiny girl. Now, at 25, she is on her way to a small island in Hebricles, Scotland. There she will marry the very-very wealthy Sir Robert Bellinger. That is, if she can get there. The weather (or fate?) does not seem to want to cooperate, so she waits on the mainland with the requisite cast of colourful characters. I loved watching the headstrong Joan come up against forces greater than herself (you know, nature... love), trying as hard as she can to control everything. The accents were especially fabulous (and ridiculous). I love discovering new old movies. I've watched lots that I love (It Happened One Night, Imitation of Life, and on and on) but I know there are tons out there I haven't seen, especially ones that have gotten a little lost in the interim. Do you have a favourite (or ites) I may have missed? Please recommend.


Jim Friesen said...

"Hobson's Choice". It's an early David Lean film that K. and I re-watched recently. It has so much to recommend it, including, a very young (18 years or so)
actress named Prunella Scales, who went on to play Sybil Fawlty in "Fawlty Towers".

ana said...

You probably will end up going out of the screening room to check something online?! ;)


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