Friday, December 18, 2009


December 18 Shop:

I have a nice set-up, in that I get paid for my job in residence in room and board, so I don't have to stress too much day to day about the cost of groceries or rent, and I can spend little pockets of money on things that I love (and others that I don't). So here are the top ten things I spent money on this year.

10. Library fines. Working in a library for 5 years left me... even less likely to adhere to library due dates. Unfortunately, I now have to pay the fines I accrue.

9. Going to movies. This is one I haven't actually spent as much money on as I would like to have, meaning I haven't gone out to see as many movies as I wish I had. Although there are so many opening on Christmas that I want to see, so I can still spend more this year. Yay.

8. St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale. Best beer. Mmmmmmm.

7. Yarn &c. I've spent $60 in the last two days on yarn - then again, I tell myself it will go to make Christmas presents for multiple people. If I can get things knitted in time.

6. Make-up. I've been living a relatively make-up free existence this term, but every so often I get cravings for new pots of colour to smear on my face (so weird, when I really think about it). Last spring saw a concentrated interest in blush. I'm not sure why. Yearning for the flush of youth? Possibly.

5. Christmas presents. Yipes.

4. Flights. Being bicoastal is oh so glamourous. And pricey.

3. Tuition. And books. For school, not fun books. Okay, a couple of fun books.

2. Coffee.

1. Food. Being fed in the residence meal hall can only go so far in nourishing my body, not to mention my soul. This year saw a brief affair with Smartfood (the white cheddar popcorn. Sounds healthy. Not so much.), and the continuation of a long standing romance with dim sum, sushi, and spicy noodles from Chabaa Thai. And chocolate.


lara said...

Coffee. Yarn. Coffee. Travel. Good food. These are all good things. Enjoy them in Vancouver!

Saf said...

Can't wait to have spicy noodles with you when we're both back!

And dim sum!



Enjoy everything delicious (not just food) in Vancouver.


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