Saturday, December 26, 2009


December 25: Gift. What's a gift you gave yourself this year that has kept on giving?

The day after.

I'm sitting here in my room, my bed piled with presents. As per usual, I've been spoiled this Christmas. (Thanks.)

But what have I given myself? I'm quite fond of gifts to oneself, especially for birthdays (the birthday outfit is a favourite of mine), though Christmas usually ends up with so much money being spent on other people that there is not really any to spare for myself. Oh right. I just remembered the big chunk of money I spent on a dress a few days ago.

BCBG consistently has my favourite party dresses, and I think this is the sexiest dress I've ever tried on. I tried it on and at first I thought (and stated): this looks ridiculous. The bottom half is layered, ruched and billowy. Standing in my bare feet, I thought it made me look like I had a tiny top half and a giant bottom half. Add heels, however, and it just worked. Wary of the slightly high (but on sale) price tag, I wavered. Yes. No. Yes. No. Maybe. No. Yes.


It's one of my few "grown up" purchases (I definitely haven't made it to the mattress or couch stage yet), and I'm very excited to wear it. Actually, I was planning on buying a party dress sometime this Christmas since the King's YAS ball is coming up, and last year I felt seriously underdressed. Now I just need some new shoes (I realized the other day that I own no heels. None.). And maybe a lipstick.


Saf said...


lara said...

Oooh, pretty. Can't wait to see what shoes you come up with...

La Canadienne said...

So hot!!! Gorgeous dress to match a gorgeous lady...

Blogtastic-Jane said...

I ADORE this dress Missy.

Ange said...

Thanks all.


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