Sunday, December 20, 2009

Car Ride

I absolutely love riding in cars. Although I hate driving (will not, do not), I love the feeling of being in a car and watching the outside go by, settling in and relaxing. I'm sure it's whatever settles babies and gets them to sleep, still doing its work on me. I am having a hard time picking just one car ride that I loved this year. I will go with two scenarios.

Whenever my dad drives me home through an empty downtown and across the Lions Gate Bridge at night after we've spent an evening together. I feel so warm and content and safe (and no, this is not an explicit attempt to get you to drive me home more often, dad. It's true.).

Driving around with Tiffany running ridiculous errands in Halifax. Usually we end up stopping about 8000 times. It's so mundane, but with the music and the laughing and the ambling pace I love it. Oh, also the long drive we took to Tiff's family cottage, despite the fact that it ended with a flat tire in the middle of the night.

I love riding in cars with people I love.


Jim Friesen said...

I love it too (even if I complain sometimes). The hard part is the ride home alone.

Saf said...

Driving with Tiffany is the best!


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