Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things about Montreal so far:

The electric outlets are upside down.

I freeze when I should be putting my kindergarten through grade 7 French Immersion education to use. I feel slightly better about this when Sally (who is still taking french and particularly enthusiastic about her love for the language) is also hesitant when interacting with the cashier at the drug store: "Avez-vous une carte optimum?" Sally brandishes her optimum card, smiling silently. "Alors, c'est $12.47." Sally holds up her debit card. "Voulez-vous un sac?" Sally: "Non, merci." By this point the interaction was so adorable that I had to walk away. I go through long diatribes in my head (who's to say whether my grammar or vocabulary is correct - yesterday I decided that sac was the word for bed), but as soon as I am expected to open my mouth, English comes pouring out of it. Or I am almost mute.

I haven't fallen asleep listening to the sounds of a city underneath me in ages. I like it.

The feeling of all of the parts of the city I've been in is: eclectic. I love contrasts like the ones I see here.

Being in a place with a Chinatown is really nice and comforting.


Saf said...

You're so cute!

Tu es très mignon.

Toronto has a Chinatown too (hint hint).

Ange said...

Saf: Thanks. Merci. And I want to see Toronto Chinatown, too.


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