Thursday, October 15, 2009

Curly hair

My hair is currently the longest it has been in 15 years. For a long time, short hair was somewhat integral to the way I saw myself and my style. I was short hair. Then I worked in a hair salon, and got to see the ladies with their big, bouncy blow-outs, and I got a little bit envious. I remember talking with the salon manager, and her advice was to grow my hair out before I turned 30, and keep it long until I was at least 50. So I did. For the first time in my life I have had no real cravings for short hair, and I've really been enjoying playing with my hair: a flat iron, velcro rollers, and so on.

And today: a curling iron.

I've been wanting to buy one for months and months, and for some reason hadn't been willing to shill out the 16.99 (plus tax) for the Conair Instant Heat 1 inch ceramic curling iron... but one day, after gazing at it longingly, I decided to just buy it already. And today I started experimenting.

Things I learned: Don't use the tong part. I started out using it the way I assumed you were supposed to, clamping down on the bottom of the hair and curling up. No. The "new and cool" way to do it is to wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron, not letting the tong part touch the hair. You can see what the heck I'm talking about here.

In other news: I am craving good french toast.


La Canadienne said...

I am having the same feelings about my hair! When it gets long enough, can I borrow your curling iron? Your hair looked FAB today.

Sarah, the Creep said...

Now that K & K are home and I'm surrounded by hair stylists, I feel the need to blow dry my hair all the time.

ange ella said...

La Canadienne: Yes, absolutely. And thanks!

Sarah, the Creep: I saw pictures of you from last weekend, and your hair looked super hot. And I know how you feel.

xine said...

First why keep your hair long till 50? my hair is uber long now (no haircut since nov 08) but have been wanting a cute bob to wear under cloche hats this winter

2nd, whattup with that crazy video? i can't fathom spending that much energy on my hair! and those nails!!

Ange said...

xine: That is her advice, not mine. I just happen to be following it so far. I fully support any and all hair lengths for everyone. Ish. A cute bob sounds adorable.

And also, to be honest, I only watched the first little bit of the video, with the sound off.


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