Sunday, October 18, 2009

New York, New York (Public Library Digital Gallery)

Brothers stick together in Nav... Digital ID: 1260342. New York Public Library

Lily Hanbury. Digital ID: 1117751. New York Public Library

Plan of  fourth to eleventh fl... Digital ID: 417148. New York Public Library

[Tôji san bijin] = [Three beau... Digital ID: 416424. New York Public Library

The elephant. Digital ID: 1524061. New York Public Library

Man oh man I love Information Studies sometimes. Today I am working on a critique of a digital library collection, and I have chosen the New York Public Library Digital Gallery. I'm always amazed by how much awesome stuff is out there in the world, just waiting for me to discover it. The Internet is so big. Slash awesome.


alexandra said...

have you checked out their online menu collection? it is so awesome. i could spend hours browsing their online images...stupid nypl and their open info.

alexandra said...

ps. trying to get the curator of this collection to write something for my upcoming journal issue!


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