Sunday, April 5, 2009

My first video diary

I refuse to use that other word (the v word), but then again, I hated the word blog for a long time, too.

I have posted my first video diary entry over on my YA blog. Here are the outtakes. I screwed up multiple times. Woo.


alexandra said...

its so nice to see your moving image! and you like so pretty! i like the shade of your lipstick. and i see the flat iron is getting good use.

iwas in nyc this weekend and thought of your visit around this time last year! come back!

also, for some reason I bought white pants. I'm returning them. I wish you were with me.

Blogtastic-Jane said...

You're pretty. Love the video blog!

Saf said...

You are adorable.

ange ella said...

Alex: I'm glad you are returning the white pants. Those = bad news, I can just tell.

Jane: Thanks.

Saf: Also thanks.

alexandra said...

white pants - seemed like a good idea at the time. blame godfre.

more videos!!!

malaraky said...

I applaud your bravery!! I would be too nervous to do a vlog post. or whatever they're called. well done!

Danette said...

Out takes are often my favourite part.

I loved the quote about writers seeing only a few of the stories that surround us every day.

I also quite like your lipstick.

You look like one of my drawings come to life.


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