Monday, April 13, 2009

It snowed today.

So I went out and bought a springtime lipstick.

I like pictures where my eyes are closed.

(p.s. it's MAC slimshine lipstick in lovey-dove.)


Anonymous said...

oooohhh! so pretty!

Saf said...

this picture is so serene.

Blogtastic-Jane said...

I likey lady!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely shade of lipstick! I have always been an appreciator (not a word?), but not a participant in the world of lipstick. Mainly because I never really found a shade that worked for me, and I tend to be weirded out by having anything heavier than gloss on my lips.

ange ella said...

Thanks all.

Abby - I have never been a participator in the world of lipstick, either. It's almost always too dry for my lips - but I really like this stuff - it's almost like lip balm but slightly creamier and more colourful. I don't know how it will work long term, but for now I love it.

Also: trick to use for finding a shade - hold the lipstick up to the inside of your lip, and if it matches/is in the same tonal range, it will look good. Apparently.


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