Sunday, October 12, 2008

Waiting for Guffman and Thanksgiving

If you have never seen Waiting for Guffman please go watch it right now. You should have tomorrow off, that would be the perfect time.

I'm on campus for Thanksgiving, and so are a bunch of students, so I decided to host an evening of fun entitled "Nothing says Thanksgiving like Chinese food and a movie." The best part of my job is that I get to do "programming" - which just means I get to have events with food involved and they will give me money to pay for stuff. It took me ages to decide on a movie to show, and finally I had a flash of inspiration. Waiting for Guffman.

Among the most likeable, nay, lovable films I've ever seen. Everyone who asks me what movie we're watching is like, "What's that?" My response: "A most hilarious comedy about a small town theatre group who invites a New York City theatre critic to come see their show. " I don't think I actually phrase it that way, although I live at a University where that would be entirely acceptable.

So yes. I am grateful for movies, chinese food, friends, family, books, love, white sheets, wood, trees, leaves, TV on DVD, brunch, water, breathing, apples, colours, lavender oil, pillows, and on and on.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for?


danette said...

That scene, with Parker Posey sitting on the curb talking about what you could order at the Dairy Queen.

"y'know, just come on in and get a coke, y'know, if you're thirsty."

I don't know why, but I played that about 8 times in a row and killed myself laughing.

Ella said...

I love that scene, too.


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