Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My last name

My last name is Friesen. I've never really loved it. Apparently it may have come from von Riesen at some point, and I think that sounds really nice, and thought about changing it back to that for a time...

I have a white board outside my room where I can post messages, and people can leave me notes and drawings. I love having it. Recently I came to my door that someone had changed my name from Angela Friesen to Angela Free/Zen.



I love it.


Mila said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! Such an honour to have that name! ;)

Friesen sounds a little Dutch actually...


kickpleat said...

your last name sounds mennonite, which my husband's family is (they're also part dutch too).

alexandra said...

Look at you loving dorm life! I guess its better when you have your own bathroom and you are running the show.

Jim Friesen said...

I've gone through a lot of different feelings around our name too. I was just relieved I wasn't a Zacharias like your Grandma. I'm glad someone came up with free/zen. I like it. Give them an extra helping of gruel.

Kelly said...

Free/zen - I love it :)


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