Monday, October 13, 2008

Everything's Gone Green

Um, if you really want to make yourself homesick over Thanksgiving, when everyone else you know has gone home for the weekend, watch a movie set in your hometown.

I enjoyed Everything's Gone Green (screenplay by Douglas Coupland), but the experience was bittersweet. I spent the entire time being like, "Look how pretty it is!" There were all kinds of beautiful mountainous vistas ("Look! There's water! And Mountains! In the same place!") and trees and the number eight and the Grouse Grind and glass buildings... I had forgotten how beautiful it is. And how open.

I guess when you feel closed in by a place you don't notice how open it actually is physically.

So the movie was not bad, but worth watching just to experience Vancouver on screen, actually playing itself for once.

3/5 stars.


alexandra said...

I know what you first year away I kept seeing car ads filmed in vancouver and getting all sad. Hell, I even watched Davinci's inquest (they had just started showing it on fox here). Fortunately, or unfortunately, that feeling wears off. I do still want to see 88 minutes for the UBC parts though!

Ella said...

Hmmm. I am skeptical.

But okay.


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