Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Big Library

And so begins my summer of wandering.

I left Halifax on Monday for good (or at least for goodish). I'm slowly winding my way back to Vancouver for August, but after that everything is up in the air. I'm craving adventure and newness: a big city and new faces after two years ensconced in tiny, loving Halifax.

Currently in Montreal. I was welcomed on Tuesday night by homemade paella and my favourite beer, and since then I've been reveling in one of my favourite cities, mostly going from delicious food to delicious food, with lots of walking between mouthfuls.

This morning I was taken to la Grande Bibliothèque (or, as I call it, the Big Library). It is gorgeous, and full of bright spots to sit and read (or write, as I did). We went straight to the 4th floor, the film and music section, where I found row after row after row of CDs and DVDs and books.

I love her. In the CD stacks.

"Can I please live here?" I asked. I want to set up a bed in the stacks and sit up late at night screening the thousands of movies I have yet to see, randomly selecting them from the shelves. I want to go through the music collection, listening to each and every album in turn, discovering new bits of world. I want towering piles of books scattered throughout the library, organized according to my own personal system (possibly by colour).

I am currently a little bit homeless. Anytime anyone asks me, "So, where do you live?" I sigh a little and smile. "That is complicated," I say. Or simply, "Nowhere" with a laugh. I'm looking for potential homes, and finding them everywhere. 


alexandra said...

maybe you should move to Montreal?

also, is that biblio right across the street from the bus station?

i'm jealous of your food adventures right now! and I understand the homeless thing - that was me a few summers ago. you get used to it.

Lara said...

Big love for big beautiful libraries. Miss you!

Ange Friesen said...

alexandra: It is the biblio across from the bus station. And also, I think I would like to live in Montreal some day, but not yet. I can't get the jobs I would want yet. And yes, food adventures = awesome.

Lara: Miss you too.

EK said...

Also one of my favourite beers. PS: Of all the people I know, I would vote you most likely to live in a library.

Ange Friesen said...

EK: That is the best potential future ever.


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