Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So it's my birthday

And yes, this post is just a pathetic attempt to get people to wish me happy things.

Last night I dreamed that my favourite teacher failed a paper I wrote. In her comments she wrote, "You are too old to be dancing around subjects like this." It scared me. So apparently I need to get to the heart of the matter.

Oh! Also! (probably) Happy Birthday Apple Tablet! Here is what the world says about us:
You possess creative and verbal style, an analytical mind, and a broad tolerance of others' differences. Many of you are excellent at teaching, whether or not you do it for a living, as others readily respect you and follow your lead. As well, you are good at encouraging and motivating people. You are an especially trustworthy person. You value your personal freedom more than most and don't easily accept restrictions. Your thinking is progressive and way ahead of your time. Famous people born today: Wolfgang Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Bridget Fonda, Mordecai Richler.


Lara said...

great description.

ps - lewis carroll, nice!

Anonymous said...



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