Sunday, January 31, 2010

I sort of knew this day was coming...

This time it's Carey Mulligan.

I absolutely adored her in An Education, and she's been all over my celebrity radar this awards season, wandering around with Shia Labeouf, looking adorable with her goddamn super-hot cropped hair.

I really thought I had made it. In the recent past, I even thought to myself, wow. I'm really pleased that I'm enjoying long hair. I haven't missed short hair at all. 

And now this.

Before Carey it was Michelle.

And before her, countless others, winding on to way back when, the one who started it all, Drew.

Sigh. I've had this feeling before. Many, many times. It comes on so suddenly. I'm wandering along, perfectly content, then wham: short hair short hair short hair short hair. It looks so cute. And gamine. And free.

I haven't fully 100% given up on long hair yet, but I think you can tell where my heart lies.


Saf said...

I changed my vote from "do whatever feels right" to "do it!"

Because the "do whatever you want (obviously)" aspect that underlies the first vote is already implied.

Ange said...

Saf: Maybe... Probably.


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