Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things I love today

The number 9.




Looking forward to seeing District 9 when I make that happen. (Maybe it should be today, theme day.)


Wooden boats (went to the maritime museum yesterday with friends from Vancouver - cried at the Halifax Explosion exhibit. Also - Tuesdays are by donation, yay.).

My half-price sunscreen that smells like creamsicle, even though the hornets love it too.


The library (as per usual).

Scott Pilgrim.

Thinking about space.

Serendipity: I was sitting on a bench, reading the aforementioned Scott Pilgrim, when I came across the word gallivanting, and paused to reflect on the fact that it was spelled differently than I thought it was. As I was staring at the word and thinking about this, the woman sitting next to me said into her cellphone, "Yeah, they're off gallivanting around..." It just made me feel like I was in the right spot.

Cutting off split ends.

Thinking about food.

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