Saturday, April 2, 2011

Very pinteresting

As I am an early adopter (or at least like to think of myself as one, ahem no smartphone yet what?), I had to take Ms. Spankie up on her offer of an invitation to join Pinterest. What is Pinterest, you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA. BUT IT'S NEW AND PRETTY.

From what I gather, you "pin" things you come across on the internet (pictures only? Not entirely sure...) onto "boards" that you categorize. Here is mine. So far I have pinned one thing.

If anyone's interested in trying it, I have five invitations. Yes!


Member Details said...
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Member Details said...

Hello! I would love an invite if you have any extras! I just stumbled across your blog and really enjoy the contents. Thank you! nicolestandley @ gmail dot com

Ange Friesen said...

It's yours!

Member Details said...

Thank you so much! I immediately signed up! - Nicole

EK said...

I love Pinterest! I was looking at your screencap and thinking "she must like the EXACT same things as me!" Then noted that those are my pins.


Hey Good Lookin blog

A. said...

I can't get enough!

Angela said...

I would so love an invite to Pinterest if there are still some available!! I would think the site would be a great place to organize all of my dream projects. :) Thank you so much. Oh, and my email is ;)


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