Friday, December 3, 2010


I stopped at Clafouti on my way to work this morning, because I decided to celebrate Friday by finally trying one of their croissants (I had tried to get one on a Saturday once, but I got there at about 11 am and they were sold out). When I arrived I decided to celebrate by trying two of their croissants - I bought the chocolate almond and the cinnamon sugar, and then I cut them in half when I got to work. I expected to prefer the chocolate, but the cinnamon sugar was so so so good - essentially a butter croissant with a thin layer of cinnamon and sugar spread on the inside of the pastry before it was rolled.


Happy Friday to me and to you.


javu said...

Happy Saturday, now. I love Clafouti!

Ange Friesen said...

Happy Saturday!

alexandra said...

do you use a laptop at work?>!>!> That is so bad for your wrists!


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