Friday, May 14, 2010

Un cahier d'exercise jaune

I decided to attempt to keep a journal in French while I'm doing the French program, so yesterday I went to the art store to buy a new journal. I wandered around and nothing was quite right, until I found this adorable marigold Semikolon notebook. It's small (about 5x8) and has about 160 pages. The pages are lined, which is the only downside (I really love writing on unlined pages), but the colour and size and adorableness of it win. I also bought three of my favourite pen, the Pilot G2 (I prefer the 5mm, but all they had was the 7) two in black, and, for something new and exciting and different, one in turquoise.

I'm interested to see how this whole writing in French thing will go. I think that maybe my tenuous hold on the language will let me experiment a bit more, and maybe I'll end up with all kinds of dreamy, poetic journal entries. Otherwise there might be lots of, "Mon cahier est jaune. J'aime mon cahier jaune." kind of stuff. We'll see.

J'aime mon cahier jaune.

This is probably my last blog entry before I leave for my program, so... a bientôt.


mennogirl said...

Have a great time! While I will unfortunately not be able to read any blog posts you write in French, I hope you take photos/tell stories when you get back, because it sounds like an incredible experience. Does this also mean you will be required to have a croissant for breakfast every morning? Cause if so, maybe I do need to try to learn some French some time :)

Ange Friesen said...

Sadly I have the feeling that croissants and cafe au lait will not be a part of my adventures. Poutine, from what I hear, will be. Win some lose some.

I'll do my best to take pictures.

Lara said...

bon voyage et bon chance!


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