Friday, April 23, 2010

Beautiful things (/I love librarians)

I am a little bit in love with Hillary Webb's art. Hillary is one of the many (many) creative, lovely librarians-to-be I've met during my studies, and I've been wanting to share her work since the first time I saw it. I've always liked embroidery (my past is littered with unfinished cross-stitch kits), but Hillary's work takes it to a different level. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but she hand dyes her materials with dyes made of nature (nature! things like marigold, dahlia, black walnut, cochineal and umbilicaria, according to her website). The idea of her collecting little bits of world fills me with this fleeting storybook feeling that I can't exactly pin down, but it's rich and deep and a bit spangly. She then fashions her materials into these lovely studies of shape and colour. Love, Me Boutique in Halifax has recently started carrying Hillary's work, and I'm sure there are other avenues by which it could be purchased, if that's your deal. 

I love librarians. And art. And colour. And nature.


Lara said...

look! a plug for Hillary at love, me.

Anonymous said...

I'm always fascinated by HW's work with colour. I find myself staring at or just thinking about the blends from green to blue and back again for several minutes at a time. people will be trying to talk to me, and well, i'm not listening at all but thinking about at the art.

etc etc etc.


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