Sunday, November 15, 2009

Somewhere I would like to be tonight

Watching Lauren Ambrose with her band, the Leisure Class, play their first show in New York.

I recently rewatched all of Six Feet Under, a part of my favourite show trifecta (the others being the West Wing and Friday Night Lights). I love Claire. Yes, she's moody and annoying and self-centred, but I still love her.

Here is a perfect (fitting) moment from Six Feet Under:


Saf said...

I love this!

I love Claire.

Also, she is SO much skinnier in the last season.

Also, I'm so glad we watched all of Six Feet Under together.

Even though we haven't found a new show yet.

(I still wish she and Edie dated... le sigh)

Alicia said...

God, grad school is a bitch :)

Ange said...

Saf: Yes to all.

Alicia: To be fair, it took about a year to get through it all.

But yeah.


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