Thursday, August 13, 2009

When I am an old woman I shall wear black.

Hello people: only one and a half days left of my summer job, just under seven days left in Vancouver, and 29 days left until I start classes again in September.

What does this mean?

Back to school shopping (I'm pretty sure I will call it that for the rest of my life, even when *appalled gasp* I am not in school).

Almost all I can think about is clothes.

At the top of my list: casual yet sharp looking blazer.

Also: Black skinny jeans.

Also: Getting rid of everything that doesn't feel (and look) fantastic, and that I don't love.

I have been scouring the internet for a good rundown of a "capsule wardrobe." This Real Simple checklist is pretty good.

What else? What do you want?


Alicia said...

i'll take your scrubs ;)

ange ella said...

Alicia: Okay!

alexandra said...

I am with you on the blazer! i was totally thinking about that last night as I was going to bed.

Gap has some pretty cute black skinny jeans right now (at least they did in Madison). Two washes. BUt they have this kind of patchy thing at the knee...
Those aren't the exact ones - those have a rip, but there are ones with an entire panel or seam on the leg...kinda motorcycle like.

also, i might get these boots this weekend at the camper store. they only had blue suede until this week.... but black...mmm...

ange ella said...

alexandra: I tried those on today! But they smelled weird, and I feel like they would fade too quickly.

Also: do it.

Anonymous said...

Let's go for breakfast. When are you free?

ana said...

I wear your pink (purple?) blouse often. It is so cute. So no more pink but black?

lara said...

I like trying to make sure that the stuff in my wardrobe is all stuff that I like. Got rid of a few things in the move. must continue that. Looking forward to your Hfx return!

alexandra said...

i hate to tell you this, but they have super on sale black jeans at uniqlo. stretch, skinny, tapered. 29 bucks.

also, they didn't have my shoes in my size. I am sad. but i will order them online. they are great in person.

Kelly said...

I want Summer to begin here in Melbourne, I also want to win Tattslotto so I can buy some clothes and go back to Canada & the US.

melaniesarah said...

I'm totally with you on the blazer. I would like one in black that is longish. I'm thinking something that would look cute with tights/skirts everything.

La Canadienne said...

I just bought the cutest blazer! Very forties style, strong but feminine shoulder and a little pleat at the back! I can't wait to wear it!

My fave back to school shopping is school supplies. I can't wait for notebooks.

ange ella said...

Carmen: That didn't work. Soon. And by soon I mean 4 months from now. Unless you come to Halifax.

Ana: Always black.

Lara: Good. I'm back!

Alexandra: Sigh to not living in NYC.

Kelly: Yes. But still, I love fall clothes way way more than the clothes of any season.

Melaniesarah: That is exactly what I want. I found a cute one at Aritzia but refused to spend as much as they wanted me to spend. I'm hoping thrift store. Somehow. A miracle blazer.

La Canadienne: Yay. I also love notebooks. Pantone makes my favourites. They are perfect. The pantone website isn't working right now, but you should look them up.


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