Monday, July 20, 2009

My thoughts on listening to this: Oh thank God.

Also: I really like (ahem) that he says the word like so often when he talks. I have gotten flak for this, and occasionally feel self-conscious about the fact that I still talk like a teenager. Then I notice that lots of people do it, and it is not actually any worse than saying um or uh.

So, like, I am going to be okay with it.

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melaniesarah said...

I notice myself saying like too much as well. (Or maybe not too much as you say). I have been working hard to correct this habit. This made me feel so much better :)

La Canadienne said...

On a different note, that video clip is very inspiring and I'm glad you posted it because I really enjoyed watching it.

ange ella said...

Melanie: Good.

LC: I'm glad you liked it so much. I liked it so much too.

L-A said...

Love that clip. I hadn't noticed how much he said 'like' when I watched it before. It's reassuring to know that even Respected Journalists can overuse 'like' and still be Respectable.

This video is like having Ira Glass as your very own creative motivational speaker. Also, I have a crush on Ira Glass' voice.

ange ella said...

L-A: I know, right?


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