Saturday, June 27, 2009

You should listen to



Michael Steeleworthy said...

ah, but i do already.

you'll have to recommend another piece of cbc programming instead.

ange ella said...

I lurve As It Happens too.


I have been listening to that show pretty well since birth, and the opening music makes me so happy. The rest of the show is good too.

Jim Friesen said...

I wish my day was organized so I could listen to "The Signal" with Laurie Brown more often. It's music that surprises you. And "Tapestry" on Sundays has thoughtful and interesting guests; and you don't have to be religious, just curious and open.

melaniesarah said...

mmm CBC.
How I love thee.
I personally am addicted to Q. But that goes without saying.
Spark is great though :)


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