Thursday, February 12, 2009

You should watch this

I've been thinking a lot about old movies, ones that have stayed with me since I've seen them, however long ago that might be. These are films that I feel very lucky to have seen, so I am going to start showcasing my favourites, with the hope that some of you will be inspired the next time you go to the video store (if anyone even does that, anymore). (Or the library! You can get DVDs from the library! For free! Go support those wonderful people.)

First up on the list, among my favourite films ever. I could watch it every day. That may be hyperbole, but still - I love it.

Imitation of Life - 1959 - Directed by Douglas Sirk

This is among the most glorious, heartbreaking films I have ever seen. It follows the stories of two single mothers - one white, one black - as they perform the near-impossible task of raising their daughters. This is melodrama at its best, in technicolor.

Eight billion stars.


ana said...

Funny.. I've been thinking this old movie yesterday. Have you watched it?

Ella said...

Ana: I have seen the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. I thought it was beautiful to look at, but I found it a little bit tedious, and I didn't love it. I did, I suppose, like it.


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